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Population : 38,966 (2011). Area : 470.9 km².
Abashiri is well known for its fishing, and especially its crab catching. Its also famous for its Meiji Era prison. 
Old Abashiri Prison Gate

Old Abashiri Prison Gate

The prison history which has been a central part of the town since the Meiji Era is among others, one of the places to visit. The town has an estimated population of 42 548 people and a total area of 471 km2. The area is also visited by thousands of tourists each year keen to see the floating sea ice. Abashiri is the southern most limit of this spectacular event and is also a stepping point to the World Heritage Listed, Shiretoko National Park.

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Abashiri city is enclosed by the Okhotsk Sea to the north and Lake Abashiri to the south. The main train station is to the west of the central part of town, but it is located almost in the middle of the main tourist
Flowers in Abashiri.

Flowers in Abashiri.

 attractions. Abashiri River divides the town into two halves with the main area on the southern side of the river with the fishing areas on the northern. Mt Tento rises to the south of the station and is home to the Abashiri Prison Museum, the Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples and Mt Tento Tent Land car camping area. Abashiri is popular in the winter as it is the southern limit of the drift ice coming down from China and Russia, however the winter temperatures can easily reach -15°c and more! Abashiri is approximately 350 km from Sapporo and it takes about 5 hours by train to reach JR Abashiri Station from JR Sapporo Station or about 45 min by aircraft from New Chitose Airport. The Abashiri Tourist Information Center conveniently adjoins the JR Abashiri Station and offers a wide range of information on the city and also the surrounding Okhotsk area. Pamphlets and other tourist information is available in several languages including English, Korean and Taiwanese. The center is open 9 am to 5 pm daily. Hours: Open daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Languages: English, Korean, Taiwanese. Wi-Fi: Unavailable An alternative Tourist Information Center is located at South 3, East 4-5. A 10 minute walk from Abashiri bus terminal and a 20 min walk from JR Abashiri station. Phone: 0152-44-5849 Hours: Open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Close from 30 Dec. to 5 Jan. Languages: English, Chinese: Part-time Wi-Fi: Available for free