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Asahikawa Zoo Penguin

Asahikawa Zoo Penguin

Located almost in the center of Hokkaido, in the shadow of Mt. Daisetsu-zan, Asahikawa is well known for its art and furniture design. There are several places to visit , including the fantastic zoo. Asahikawa is the second largest city in Hokkaido with an estimated population of 361,488 and a total area of 747.60 km2. The city was founded on August 1, 1922 and is also the home of the second division of the northern army of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force. There are three (3) rivers flowing through Asahikawa, the Ishikari River, the Biei River and the Ushubetsu River.

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Asahikawa is located north-east of Sapporo and is flanked by Daisetsu Mountain. The main train station (Asahikawa Station) is located right in the center of the city and provides easy access to the central shopping area which runs almost directly north away from the station. There are many shops, department stores, hire car shops in this area. There is also an information office located in the left wing of the station, with various English pamphlets and booklets. The center of the city is bordered by the Ishikari and Ushubetsu Rivers on the northern side and by the Chubetsu River on the southern side. Many people travel to Asahikawa to see the now quite famous and ever expanding
Asahikawa Flower.

Asahikawa Flower.

Asahiyama Zoo (Asahiyama Doubutsu-en). The zoo is located in the north-east of the city and takes about 10 min. by car or bus. Asahikawa can range from a hot +30°C in summer to a bitterly cold -30°C in winter. Please be mindful of the time of year you are visiting and bring appropriate clothing. Access to Asahikawa is via plane to Asahikawa Airport which is 1 hour 35 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport or two (2) hours from Kansai International Airport. Asahikawa Station is approximately one and a half (1.5) hours from Sapporo Station by Limited Express on the JR Hakodate Honsen Line.