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Muroran Bridge.

Muroran Bridge.

Located in southwestern Hokkaido on the Oshima Peninsula, Muroran as of February, 2004, has an estimated population of 101 143 people and a total area of 80.64 km2. Founded on April 1, 1872, Muroran experienced a boom in industrial manufacturing of steel and other products. With the decline in these industries in the late 80s and early 90s the city has redeveloped itself as a major port bringing goods into Hokkaido and out to the rest of the world and as an area well known for whale and dolphin watching. The port area is under constant redevelopment and upgrading and is one of the places to visit in the city.

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Located in southwestern Hokkaido,
Muroran Flowers.

Muroran Flowers.

on a peninsula at the entrance to Uchiura Bay, Muroran runs along the coast and takes up most of the peninsula area. The southwestern coast of the peninsula is formed of huge 100 m cliffs and faces Uchiura Bay, while southeastern coast of the peninsula faces the Pacific Ocean. The sea port which is surrounded by the Etomo Peninsula is located in the eastern part of Volcano Bay.

The main train station is located close to the port area and whale watching tours can be booked in this area. Other sites can easily be accessed from the main station or from stations along the JR Muroran line. The Muroran Tourist Information Center can be reached (Japanese Only) at; Muroran Sightseeing Association Muroran Tourist Office 2-1-25 Kaigan-cho Muroran, Hokkaido 051-0022 Phone: +81-143-23-0102 Fax: +81-143-23-0203 E-mail: