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Mt Yotei, Niseko, Hokkaido.

Mt Yotei, Niseko, Hokkaido.

Niseko is located about two and a half hours drive from Sapporo or about two hours from Chitose. There are some places to visit in Niseko but it is better known for it’s sporting activities. The town has an estimated permanent population of 4,642 people and a total area of 197.13 km2. The population figure however, changes markedly between seasons as the town has a highly transient population of visitors that come mainly for the summer or winter. For details of the Niseko ski and snow board areas, please see our Winter Sports & Resorts page.

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Niseko is situated between two mountains, Yotei-zan to the east and Niseko Annupuri to the west. The Matsukari River encloses the town to the north. There are two main train stations, Niseko station and Hirafu station. One of the larger and more popular sections of the skiing area is Mt Hirafu, however many times it may be more convenient to catch a train to Niseko Station and get a bus from there.
Niseko Train Station.

Niseko Train Station.

Niseko can definitely be called the sports capital of Hokkaido. During the winter Niseko is a ski / snow boarders paradise with large amounts of some of the best quality snow in the world falling. Also on offer are ice-climbing, snowshoeing and dog sledding trips. During the late spring, summer and autumn Niseko is a hiking and rafting mecca for nature lovers. This period also offers canoeing, kayaking and camping opportunities. Niseko is also very popular throughout the year for its large number of onsens (hot spring baths).