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One of the locals bands doing their thing.

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
Opening Hours7:00pm – 2:00am
+81 11-211-0213
Location /
Getting There
South 7 West 4 3rd Floor
札幌市中央区南7条西4丁目2-5 LC7番館3F

Xenon is a recently opened live space that caters specifically for events. The live house / club /bar is located on the Southern end of Susukino and when it isn’t being used for live bands and DJ’s it serves very well  as a bar. Wandering the streets looking for live bands is not a rare occurrence but rest assured, they are there. It’s just knowing WHERE they are.

The space is available to rent to anyone and fits up to 100 – 200 people, mostly standing room only.  The price to enter will differ depending on what event is taking place. For up to date info on their events you can check them at http://xenon.bar/index.html. What’s on and when is pretty self-explanatory on the site. Breakdown for rental is as follows

Band bookings   

  • Weekdays:   6pm – 11pm : 6000 yen
  • Fri/Sat/Sun:  12pm – 5pm : 5000yen 6pm – 11pm : 6000 yen

Solo gigs 

  • Everyday: 12pm – 5pm : 2000yen       6pm – 11pm : 3000yen

Whole Rental 

  • Weekdays :    12pm – 5pm : 12,000yen  6pm – 11pm : 25,000yen

Whole Rental  

  • Fri/Sat/Sun :    12pm –  5pm : 20,000yen 6pm – 11pm : 30,000yen

*Whole Rental includes PA guy, drums, guitar & bass amps, back projection, microphones, monitors, DJ tables, and leads. The whole shebang.


The stage is only about 1 foot off the ground and is at the far end of the space, and has some barriers to stop an overly fanatic fan storming the stage or an overly wasted musicians tumbling off the slight drop. The stage comfortably holds a 4 piece band and the system sound definitely packs a good punch! Drinks at events are considerably cheap at 380yen a beer or cocktail and 280yen for soft drinks.



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