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Kushiro is known as the “City of Mist” and this is certainly true a lot of the time when the city is blanketed in a thick mist causing much of the city to
Kushiro Fishing Fleet.

Kushiro Fishing Fleet.

disappear. The city has flourished as a port city and is home to one of Japan’s largest fishing fleets. It is also bordered by the world famous Kushiro Marsh which is one of the places to visit in the city. Apart from the Marsh area Kushiro is also a gateway to the beautiful Akan National Park, Akkeshi Hokkaido Natural Park, Notsuke / Furen Hokkaido Natural Park and Hokkaido’s most eastern city Nemuro. A famous Japanese poet by the name of Takuboku Ishikawa was also from Kushiro. The city has an estimated population of 187 556 and a total area of 223 km2.

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Kushiro City is enclosed by the Pacific Ocean and the Kushiro Marsh. It flourished around the mouth of the Kushiro river which offers easy access to the Pacific Ocean and houses the huge fishing fleet. The main train station is situated roughly in the center of the city and offers a central location from which to explore the city and surrounds.
Season Statue Kushiro.

Season Statue Kushiro.

Most of the tourist destinations are however somewhat removed from the central area and it will be necessary to catch buses to the the best sights. Most buses can be caught at or near the station area. The main entertainment and shopping area is located left (upon exit) of the station toward the river. This area is home to plenty of bars and restaurants of which the seafood restaurants and sushi shops are highly recommended.

Colorful Mushrooms in Akan National Park.

Colorful Mushrooms in Akan National Park.

Kushiro is known as one the the colder cities in Hokkaido and even in summer temperatures rarely climb above 25°c. In winter temperatures drop to about -10°c and strong winds can often be experienced.Kushiro is about 1.5 hours and 2 hours from Tokyo Haneda and Kansai International Airports respectively. Kushiro Station is approximately 3 hours 32 minutes from JR Sapporo Station by Limited Express on the JR Nemuro Honsen Line or 40 min by aircraft from New Chitose Airport.

There are several tourist information centers in Kushiro starting at JR Kushiro Station Ph. 0154-22-8294 or Kushiro Airport Ph. 0154-57-8304 and also Fisherman's Wharf MOO Ph. 0154-23-0600. There is also a general tourist information telephone line Ph. 0154-24-2400.