Sapporo Cinema Frontier

There are two main movie theaters in Sapporo, one being at Stellar place (Sapporo station), the other being at Sapporo Factory. The movie theater at Sapporo station is ‘Sapporo Cinema Frontier’. Sapporo Cinema Frontier has 12 screens, with sizes ranging from 92 seats to 541 seats. 3 of the screens Read More ….

Nakajima Park Boating (Shobu Pond)

After the winter has finally shed its cloak and the snow has melted away, Nakajima park is a great place to walk around and take in the sights and smells of spring. Shobu pond sits in the heart of the park and during spring, summer and autumn the public can Read More ….

United Cinemas

There are 2 major cinemas in Sapporo. United Cinemas and Cinema Frontier. United Cinemas contains 11 screens and is also home to the only IMAX screen in Hokkaido. United cinemas also has 4D for that extra movie experience. The IMAX screen is a whopping 16 by 22 metres and seats up Read More ….