Setsubun Festival

Every since the days old, there have been festivals and rituals to expel the evil spirits. In Japan, this event is called the ‘Setsubun’ and is held on the 3rd of February. The name, ‘Setsubun’ refers to the day before the changing of each season. In ancient times, it was Read More ….

Sapporo White Illumination

Sapporo White Illumination is an event held every winter which sees Odori park and the main street through Sapporo draped with hundreds of thousands of Christmas lights. Sapporo was the first city in Japan to start this tradition in 1981, since then other cities throughout Japan have followed suit with Read More ….

Sapporo Marathon

First held in 1958, the Sapporo Marathon originally started out as a full marathon. From 1986, the race was turned into the half marathon, where it remains as one of the most famous sporting events in Sapporo. There are around 15,000 participants. The half marathon starts and finishes in Makomanai Read More ….