Jozankei Dam

Jozankei Dam is a great sightseeing spot. Completed in 1989 and measuring at 117 metres, it offers fantastic views over Lake Sapporo and  down the river in which it feeds into. Not only does Jozankei Dam have great views, but it also has  a museum that is free to enter. Read More ….

Hakkenzan Winery

Hakkenzan Winery is located at the foot of Mt. Hakkenzan and was opened in 2011. This pleasant winery sits beautifully in its surroundings with views of the surrounding areas. The winery has 3 vine fields that cultivates more than 25 varieties of grapes. This winery produces some fantastic wines including Read More ….

Hoheikyo Dam

Hoheikyo Dam was constructed in 1972 and stands at 102.5 meters tall. It was built, utilizing Toyohira river, for irrigation, for hydroelectricity and to control flooding. The reservoir created from the dam is called Jozan lake, which is surrounded by forest and high mountains. Located in Shikotsu Toya National park, Read More ….