Hokkaido Historical Museum

The Hokkaido Museum, also known as Mori-no-Charenga was opened in 2015. This 2 story building replaces the old Historical Museum and joins the Ainu Research Culture Centre. The museum is open to the public and introduces a look into the history, culture and nature of Hokkaido. It researches the relationship Read More ….

Centennial Memorial Tower

The Centennial Memorial Tower was constructed in 1970. It was built as part of Hokkaido’s Centennial Project and was in honor of the people who built and turned Hokkaido into what it is today. It is also a symbol of future accomplishment. It is located in the vast Nopporo Forest Read More ….

Takino Suzuran Park

Takino Suzuran park is a huge park that is a great place for families and nature lovers. It covers 395.7 hectares, with around 200 hectares are available to the public. There are 2 entrances, the East Gate entrance (higashi guchi), and the Central Gate entrance (chuo guchi). Parking is available Read More ….

Makomanai Takino Cemetery

If you don’t know about this place and are driving past you may be forgiven for doing a double take or checking that your eyesight is OK! The first thing you will see are rows and rows of giant Easter Island Moai heads! This strange sight means you are at Read More ….

Nijo Ichiba (Sapporo Fish Markets)

This historic fish market has been part of Sapporo for over 100 years. It was said to have been formed during the Meiji period, when fishermen from Ishikari Bay started selling their fresh catches here. Over 100 years later the market has developed into a veritable oasis for all forms Read More ….