Nijo Ichiba (Sapporo Fish Markets)

This historic fish market has been part of Sapporo for over 100 years. It was said to have been formed during the Meiji period, when fishermen from Ishikari Bay started selling their fresh catches here. Over 100 years later the market has developed into a veritable oasis for all forms Read More ….

Hokkaido Nature Tours

At Hokkaido Nature Tours, we specialize in creating unique private custom-made tours in the spectacular island of Hokkaido, Japan. Whether you’re after adventure, culture, sightseeing, wildlife or all of the above, we will craft a unique itinerary according to your preferences, and will always provide an English-speaking nature guide and Read More ….

Japanese Gardens & Hasso-an (Tea House)

Hasso-an (“eight-window tea house”) is a tea house said to have been designed by the tea master Enshu Kobori (1579-1647) and originally built in Shiga Prefecture. In 1919 Hasso-an was moved to Sapporo where it is located in Nakajima Park. Surrounding Hasso-an there is a small garden which was created Read More ….

Hoheikan Building

Hoheikan started construction in 1879 and opened in 1881. It is the only hotel built buy the Meiji government and was opened for Emperor Meiji’s visit to Sapporo where he stayed for 4 days. It is designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan and is  the oldest wooden hotel building in existence Read More ….

Cherry Blossom Viewing

One of Japans oldest and most famous symbols is that of the cherry blossom (sakura). Such is the beauty of this national flower that the practice of “Hanami” (cherry blossom viewing) started over 1000 years ago. Under the sakura trees, people had lunch and drank sake in cheerful feasts. This Read More ….