Okushiba Soup Curry

Okushiba Soup Curry is a delicious soup curry restaurant based right near Sapporo station. This soup curry restaurant offers a few traditional soup curry dishes plus some unique ones, in a nice retro Japanese setting. Along with the soup curries they also excel in shrimp soups and puddings, plus fried Read More ….

Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens

The Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens were established in 1886 as a part of the Old Sapporo Agricultural College. They were opened by Dr. Miyabe Kingo, a graduate of Sapporo Agricultural College (now Hokkaido University). The gardens cover 13.3 hectares and are the second oldest botanical gardens in Japan! The collection Read More ….

Benitora Gyozabou Chinese

Benitora Gyozabou is a fusion Chinese restaurant located on the top floor of the Parco Department store. It is one of 8 restaurants in the Parco food court. It is open throughout the day until late into the evenings. There is a special lunch set menu and a dinner set Read More ….

Iyahiko Shrine

Iyahiko Shrine is located in Nakajima park on the east side. It’s a small Shinto shrine and when you are in Nakajima Park it’s another nice little spot to visit to get some nice photos, to pray, or to buy a souvenir or prayer amulet. Feel free to walk around Read More ….

Hokkaido Museum of Literature

The Hokkaido Museum of Literature first opened in 1995, and is the first of its kind in Hokkaido. It is located on the grounds of Nakajima Park and is home to some 260,000 works. The collection includes works by and about authors associated with Hokkaido, such as Takeo Arishima, Takuboku Read More ….