Chapeau Rouge Restaurant

Chapeau Rouge (red hat) is a rice & omelette restaurant. Omelette & rice dishes, better known as ‘Om Rice’ is a popular dish in Japan. There are many kinds of ‘Om Rice’ restaurants throughout Hokkaido. Chapeau Rouge is a typical om rice restaurant which serves up omelettes & rice, with Read More ….

Provence Restaurant

Provence is a restaurant located next to Sapporo station in Paseo, which is 2 floors of various restaurants and coffee shops. Provence is based on French / Italian cuisine using olive oil from the south of France. Provence is part of company that owns a chain of restaurants throughout Japan. Read More ….

Cafe & Dining Shelf

Cafe & Dining Shelf is a western style restaurant that can be found in the Sapporo Parco department store on the 8th floor. The dining floor in Parco has 8 restaurants and the ‘Shelf’ restaurant can be found directly in the centre. It’s a large open restaurant surrounded by (as Read More ….

Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger is a nation wide chain of burger restaurants that were first opened in 1992. There are 3 stores in the Sapporo area, and there is 1 in Chitose. The stores in Hokkaido use local ingredients, and the hamburger patties are an original recipe. Take your selection from the Read More ….

Kouka Chinese Restaurant

Kouka is a delicious Chinese restaurant based in Kutchan. There are many kinds of dishes available that are served individually. Bowls are provided so guests can share these meals with each other so you can taste as much as possible! Seafood, beef, pork and chicken are all served. Dumplings, noodles, Read More ….