Okushiba Soup Curry

Okushiba Soup Curry is a delicious soup curry restaurant based right near Sapporo station. This soup curry restaurant offers a few traditional soup curry dishes plus some unique ones, in a nice retro Japanese setting. Along with the soup curries they also excel in shrimp soups and puddings, plus fried Read More ….

Benitora Gyozabou Chinese

Benitora Gyozabou is a fusion Chinese restaurant located on the top floor of the Parco Department store. It is one of 8 restaurants in the Parco food court. It is open throughout the day until late into the evenings. There is a special lunch set menu and a dinner set Read More ….

Marumiya Restaurant

Marumiya Restaurant is a large Izakaya (Japanese restaurant) that specializes in Hokkaido cuisine. Located conveniently, right near Sapporo station, its a great place to try out some Japanese cuisine. Open until early morning you can try out Hokkaido cooking, including crab, salmon roe, mackerel, tempura, sea urchin, sashimi, just to Read More ….

Sombrero Mexicano

Located in Paseo Dining on the B1 floor, Mexican Dish Sombrero Mexicano is a nice little Mexican restaurant that is especially good for lunch during a busy day shopping. This is only one of a couple of Mexican restaurants through out Sapporo, if you are so inclined for some Mexican Read More ….

Donabe Hamburg Hokutosei Restaurant

If you are looking for a hearty meal, this is the place for you! Hokutosei restaurant serves up a delicious hamburger patty in a rich sauce with your liking of extras in typical Hokkaido fashion! Take your pick of toppings, from melted cheese, thick slices of bacon, egg or vegetables. Read More ….