South Saloon

South Saloon is a large western style restaurant located at the bottom of the Watermark Hotel, in the Tanuki Koji. This spacious restaurant has plenty of seating which is good, especially for large groups. The menu consists of mainly hamburgers, and a couple of rice dishes and pastas. The hamburgers Read More ….

Yotsuba White Cosy

Yotsuba White Cosy is a sweets & parfait restaurant located in Paseo, Sapporo station. It is a very popular place especially during lunch hours. There are 15 kinds of unique parfait, mixed with fresh fruits, delicious toppings, or nuts and almonds. Yotsuba is also famous for its fantastic pancakes. Make Read More ….

Tokyo Sundub Korean Restaurant

Tokyo Sundubu is a popular chain of succesful Korean restaurants. There are 2 in Hokkaido. The first being in Paseo, located at Sapporo station. The second is located in the Parco department store in Odori. ‘Sundubu-jjigae’  or ‘soft tofu stew’ is a famous Korean dish that has been enjoyed for generations. It is a Read More ….

Mexican Mule

The Mexican Mule Restaurant and Cantina, conveniently located at the Higashiyama Pension Village bus stop Niseko village, is serving up the best Mexican food in Niseko. This newly established restaurant is located in the Freeride Lodge Niseko Village Higashiyama and is open throughout the winter season December through to March, 7 nights Read More ….