Car & Bike Wash

Where can you wash your car in Sapporo? For automobile owners, or for rentals, there are two ways to give your car or bike a good wash if you don’t have the room (or the time) at your residence. The first, and more expensive, is at the gas stations where Read More ….

Matsunoyu Ryokan Onsen

Matsunoya Ryokan is a pleasant onsen located on Toyohira river up in the mountains near Jozankei. This onsen gets its water from the base of Mt. Koranuma and contains rich minerals to sooth the body. For those dropping in for an hour or two, the onsen has a (gender separated) Read More ….

Western Union & Travelex

If you have ever been travelling and suddenly need some money sent ASAP, then Western Union is a very convenient way to get money fast. There are only 2 Western Unions in the whole of Hokkaido. One in Sapporo, located very conveniently near the station. The other can be found Read More ….

Studio Shirakansu

It’s a well-known fact that musicians travel, as they are travelers by heart. They may be called to the road to perform in the next town over, or at a gig clear across the country. And when their momentum really gets going, they hit the international scene. Sapporo is no Read More ….