Daimaru Department Store

Opening HoursShops : 10am - 8pm
Restaurants : 11am - 10 pm

NotesTax free department store. Bring your passport!
Wi-fi available
Chinese interpreters available
Location /
Getting There
〒060-0005 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Kita 5 Jonishi, 4丁目7

Connected to Sapporo Station west exit

Daimaru department store was opened in 2003 in connection with Sapporo station and JR Tower. Daimaru is a high end department store and contains 8 floors and 4 basement floors, including parking. It has wifi, Chinese interpreters, store information & signage in English, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese. China Union Pay, VISA, JCB, Master, Amex, and Diners cards are accepted.

Floor Guide
8th FloorRestaurant area, Pokemon Center Sapporo
Stationery, Office supplies, Glasses, Art gallery
7th FloorJapanese and Western tableware, Kitchenware, Japanese arts & crafts, Lifestyle & Interior goods, Kimonos

Tax Refund Counter
6th FloorMen's clothes, Men's shoes, Haberdashery, Gentlemen's bags, Golf wear, Traveling gear

5th Floor Women's wear, Jewelry, Clocks and watches
4th FloorWomen's wear, Women's underwear, Baby & Children's' Clothes, Toys
3rd FloorWomen's wear

Prayer Room
2nd FloorWomen's shoes, Handbags, Women's clothing, Women's wear
1st FloorSpecial Boutique, Cosmetics, Accessories, Women's clothing

Interior Information Desk, Cloakroom
B1 FloorFood items, Hokkaido made souvenirs, household dishes, Japanese and Western sweets
Japanese and Western liquors, beers
B2 - B4 FloorParking

Japanese cuisine

The restaurants are open longer than the shops and close at 10 pm. There are many restaurants to choose from. Soba, eel, udon, sushi, okonomiyaki, tempura, yakitori (grilled meat on sticks) and other Japanese style restaurants can be found here. Other restaurants include Chinese, hamburg (grilled meat patties), Italian, fried pork cutlet, and a popular buffet style restaurant are located here.

Tax counter

The tax free counter is located on the 7th floor, just follow the signs! The tax refund amounts to 6.9%. You will need to bring your passport, the receipt, and the purchased good. Any items purchased over ¥5400 in total for that days spending is available for a tax refund. When you purchase your goods, the staff will ask if you have your passport for this service.

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