Setsubun Festival

Every since the days old, there have been festivals and rituals to expel the evil spirits. In Japan, this event is called the ‘Setsubun’ and is held on the 3rd of February. The name, ‘Setsubun’ refers to the day before the changing of each season. In ancient times, it was Read More ….

South Saloon

South Saloon is a large western style restaurant located at the bottom of the Watermark Hotel, in the Tanuki Koji. This spacious restaurant has plenty of seating which is good, especially for large groups. The menu consists of mainly hamburgers, and a couple of rice dishes and pastas. The hamburgers Read More ….

Micci’s Bar

Sapporo has some really interesting, cool bars hidden around its streets, and it’s just a matter of finding them! Micci’s is a great little bar that is well worth a visit. The walls are covered with posters, trinkets, toys, and photos that give Micci’s its great character. It is not Read More ….