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Obihiro is located approximately three and a half hours (3.5 hrs) drive east of Sapporo City. There are some places to visit in the city itself and because of its location almost in the middle of the Tokachi Sub-Prefecture, the city makes an excellent base from which to explore central parts of the Eastern Hokkaido areas. As of 2003 Obihiro has an estimated population of 171 557 and a total area of 619 km2. The city was founded on April 1, 1883 and is now a major agricultural and animal breeding area. The headquarters of several of Japan’s leading sweet and dairy product producers as well as the Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine which was established in 1949 are located here. Obihiro is also home to Hokkaido’s Hot Air Balloon Festival held during the summer.

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Located approximately in the center of the Tokachi Sub-Prefecture, the main area of Obihiro City is bound on two sides by the Tokachi River to the north and the Satsunai River to the east. The main train station is the JR Obihiro Station which is located roughly in the center of the main area of the town and also houses the Tokachi Coordination Center and the Tokachi Tourism Information Center on the second floor. The city extends on all sides of the train station with the major shopping and entertainment area located to the north / north-east of the station and the wonderful Midorigaoka Park located to the south / south-west.

Access to Obihiro is via train from Sapporo on the JR Nemuro Line getting off at the JR Obihiro Station (approx. 135 min) or road (approx. 3.5 hrs drive from Sapporo) or aircraft to the the Obihiro Airport. Flights can be caught from / to New Chitose Airport (approx. 60 min) Haneda Airport (approx. 95 min) Nagoya Airport (approx. 100 min) or Kansai International Airport (approx. 115 min).

Obihiro ranges from a hot +30°C in the summer months to very cold -20°C in the winter months. The summer period will see quite strong sunlight and precaution for your skin is advised. Although Obihiro experiences a very cold winter there can still be many clear days during this season.

The Obihiro Tourist Information Center can be contacted on (0155) 22-8600 or The Tokachi Coordination Center & The Tokachi Tourism Information Center JR Obihiro Station Esta East Bldg. 2F. West 2, South 12 Obihiro Ph : (0155) 23-6403