Bic Camera

Opening Hours10:00- 21:00
Contact 011-261-1111
NotesTax free goods (need passport)
Multiple languages
Electronics & appliance store
Location /
Getting There
Sapporo, Chuo, Kita 5 Jonishi, 2 Chome−1 ESTA Building JR Tower

2 minute walk from Sapporo station

BIC Camera Sapporo inside

Busy Saturday shopping

Bic Camera is a famous electronics store that it is part of a chain of stores that have multiple locations all over Japan. There is one in Hokkaido which is located right next to Sapporo station and JR Tower. Not only does Bic Camera sell electronics and cameras, but it also sells home appliances, toys, and other outdoor and indoor goods. This store is extremely popular for tourists and is often busy, due to this store being tax free. Bic camera will also deliver bought items to hotels and the airport if needed! The store caters especially to overseas travelers. Some of the many staff are multilingual and the announcements are made in various languages.

Floor guide
1st floorbatteries, binoculars, calculators, cameras, drones, memory cards, photo printing, sim cards, smart phones, telescopes, video cameras.

information counter,
pick up counter
Taiwanese ATM
2nd flooralcohol, beauty products, brand items, clocks, contact lenses, glasses, hearing aids, medicine, suitcases, travel goods.

clothing alterations
eye clinic
3rd flooraudio, bicycles, computers, DVD players, electric dictionaries, electric pianos, golfing goods, headphones, PC software & accessories, printers, printing ink, stationary, tablet PC's, telephones, TV's.

gift wrapping
apple product repairs
business counter
4th floor air conditioners, air purifiers, bedding, Blue Rays, CDs & DVDs, fridges, games, kitchen goods, LED's, lights, microwave ovens, renovation goods, rice cookers, security products, toys, tools, washing machines, vacuums.

bulk buying counter
5th floorFashion & Accessories
6th floorFashion & Accessories
7th floorFashion & Accessories
8th floorFashion & Accessories
9th floorAmusement
10th floorRestaurants
11th floorJR Tower Planis Hall
Sky Garden

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