Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens

The Hokkaido University Botanical Gardens were established in 1886 as a part of the Old Sapporo Agricultural College. They were opened by Dr. Miyabe Kingo, a graduate of Sapporo Agricultural College (now Hokkaido University). The gardens cover 13.3 hectares and are the second oldest botanical gardens in Japan! The collection Read More ….

Hokkaido Museum of Literature

The Hokkaido Museum of Literature first opened in 1995, and is the first of its kind in Hokkaido. It is located on the grounds of Nakajima Park and is home to some 260,000 works. The collection includes works by and about authors associated with Hokkaido, such as Takeo Arishima, Takuboku Read More ….

Hokkaido Historical Museum

The Hokkaido Museum, also known as Mori-no-Charenga was opened in 2015. This 2 story building replaces the old Historical Museum and joins the Ainu Research Culture Centre. The museum is open to the public and introduces a look into the history, culture and nature of Hokkaido. It researches the relationship Read More ….