Rad Brothers


Rad Brothers, Susukino – Sapporo

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
Opening Hours6:00pm – 6:00am Daily
Contact+81 11-561-3601
NotesWifi available
LocationSouth 7 West 3
Japan, 〒064-0807 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 7 Jonishi, 3 Chome, LC弐番館ビル1F

RAD BROTHERS is one of the few bars that can claim it has seen it all over its 20 year history. Back in the day it had the infamy of being the ‘wild bar’ of Sapporo. It has definitely calmed down over the years but is one of the bars open at the wee hours of the morning if you are still staggering around at that time.


The bar is situated on the southern end of Susukino (the entertainment district) and is on the corner of the main drag offering large window views of the streets. It seats around 50 with more standing space and is good for large groups. It is even possible to rent the whole bar for a few hours, if that happens to tickle your fancy. The music ranges from rock to pop to anything really and the staff are more than happy to play a request. There are also two large TV screens that will play the main sporting events only.


The manager mixing it up

The menu is in English and the friendly staff have varying degrees of English ability which can come in handy after a few drinks. The menu sports a standard set of drinks with Sapporo classic on tap,  with a large array of cocktails, and with tequila shots that seem to pop up often on the counter. Prices are generally 500 yen for most drinks and 600 yen for imported beer such as Corona and Heineken. On occasion RAD BROTHERS will have events which will involve a cheap ‘all you can drink’ plan.


As this is a bar mainly for drinking, only basic bar food is the menu. Being mostly snack type foods consisting of fried food, the RAD BROTHERS small pizzas, and cheese platters. This bar is a smoking establishment and does accept credit cards which is a bonus for travelers as ATM’s in Japan aren’t as handy as one might think. Another great feature is that RAD BROTHERS has its own Wi-Fi hotspot, a somewhat uncommon feature in most bars in Japan.





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