Ariake Base Survival Games

AdmissionAdults: ¥2000
High school students:¥1500
Junior high school students: free
Gear hire : ¥3000
*under 18 years of age need supervision from family member
Opening Hours8: 30 - 17: 00 (last game around 16:30)
18: 30 - 24: 00
Contact080-3515-6238 (9: 00 ~ 18: 00)
NotesFree parking
Large car needed
Rental Gear available
Toilets & changing rooms
Good for large groups
Bring own food & drinks
Vending machines
Location /
Getting There
〒004-0821 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Kiyota-ku, Ariake.

45 minute drive from central Sapporo

Shooting range

Ariake Base Survival is a survival game, using air guns. Arm yourself and go head to head to against the other team. It’s a lot of fun! The system is basically the same as paintball but with air guns. Airsoft guns shoot small 6mm biodegradable plastic pellets, and unlike paintball, the plastic pellets barely leave a mark on the skin. The airsoft guns can be set to single shot, semi automatic and automatic (depending on the field you’re on).  Airsoft guns are available for rent, with camouflage gear, mask, plus a canister of ammo which will last the whole day!


On arrival you can rent your gear. After you will given a red or yellow arm band, which represents which team you are on. If its your first time, you will be taken to the 1st field and given a quick game to get used to the gun and the rules. Rules are simple; leave your mask on at all times on the field, once you have been hit (which does not really hurt), you have to raise your hands, take out your clip and leave the field to a side area with mask on (getting hit is based on the honor system). If you break these rules constantly you may be expelled from all games with no refund.

1st field

There are 3 fields in all, and games are rotated around these fields. Games consist of capture the flag, last man standing and which team has the most kills after 5 minute games. Games last from 5 to 10 minutes and the teams range from 20 to 30 on each side. What makes the Ariake base a lot of fun are the local members, who often are here weekly. They dress up in all the gear (whether it be in SWAT or tactical), armed with varieties of airsoft guns, from sniper rifles to hand guns, and they are very friendly and welcoming! It really adds to the experience.

Game on!

So, for a great day out with a bunch of friends Ariake Base is definitely a place to check out. You will need transport and someone who can speak Japanese is highly recommended! Grab some gear, shoot the other team, have a BBQ and let the fun unfold. During winter, the Ariake Base is closed but fear not! At Jozankei, there is an indoor playing area that is open all year round! For more information read on..

Jozankei Upper’s Survival
AdmissionGame: ¥500
Target practice: ¥300
Drinks: ¥250
Gear: free
Opening Hours10:00 - 24:00
Closed*closed on public holidays if there are no reservations
Contact011-596-6446 (18:00 - 24:00) 
080-3515-6238(10:00 -18:00)
NotesPick up from hotel available
Group reservations possible
Gear available
Location /
Getting There
1-chome Jozankei Onsen West 1-chome 1 Minami-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 061-2303

Located in Jozankei
45 minute drive from central Sapporo

Jozankei Upper’s is open all year round and is available for reservations. There is an archery range here, airgun gaming area, and a bar is open in the evenings. For pickups from Jozankei hotels, contact the number provided. The bar has 6 counter seats, 6 box seats and 8 table seating. In the evenings, airguns supplied by Upper’s are available only. Patrons who are intoxicated are not allowed to play.
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