Opening Hours10am - 9pm
ContactSapporo South - 011-522-2540
Maruyama - 011-632-0013
Central Sapporo - 011-221-5273
NotesMultiple Stores around Hokkaido

There are a tonne of Daiso stores around Sapporo, and Hokkaido. Every city will have at least one or two of these VERY cheap and convenient stores. In Sapporo there are at least 20 Daiso stores. These shops range in size from 1 floor to 5 floors depending on the location. The biggest one, which is 5 floors, is located in the very heart of Sapporo near Odori station. So, why are these stores so popular? The simple answer is, whatever you find at Daiso will only cost you about $1, or to be more precise, ¥108!

What can you get for ¥108? A lot, as it turns out. Daiso offers a huge range of things to buy for the home. Snacks and chips for the kids. Cups, plates, glasses, bowls and other items for the kitchen. The cups, bowls and glasses are quite good quality and well worth the money if you want to stock up on tableware. Japanese style bowls and sake cups and bottles can be bought here if you want to grab some cheap souvenirs.

Daiso also has cleaning products, boxes, shelving, kids toys, a tonne of stationary, fabrics, arts and craft supplies, gardening supplies, stickers, the list goes on and on. The quality is surprisingly good for the price and you wont be disappointed in the selection. For items that are bigger and better quality, the cost is ¥500. These will be labelled such. With the amount of Daiso’s scattered around Sapporo, they are easy to find, so good luck and happy shopping!

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