Car & Bike Wash

Pricing Guide
¥300- ¥500
Opening HoursAll day
NotesSystem is in Japanese
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Getting There
Multiple locations

Where can you wash your car in Sapporo? For automobile owners, or for rentals, there are two ways to give your car or bike a good wash if you don’t have the room (or the time) at your residence. The first, and more expensive, is at the gas stations where you can sit back and have a coffee. The second, and more economical option is at the self service car wash stations that are dotted around Hokkaido. Each station has about 3 to 5 car bays with a heavy duty water spray and a machine to select the washing course.

Spray machine

About the same size an ATM, the water spray machines are green or blue but they do the same thing. There are 6 washing courses to choose from and they are pretty simple to use.  There is a simple water wash, a soap wash, and a wax course and they last from 5 to 10 minutes. Simply follow the three steps:
1. Place your money into the machine.
2. Choose which course you want and push the button. This symbol 押
3. Pick up the water spray and then press the start button

The standard course, is a water wash, a soap wash, then a water rinse. The long course is the same but longer for a large vehicle. The spray machines are in Japanese, for a translations in English, please see the image below.

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