East Chitose BBQ

East Chitose BBQ
Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥1200 - ¥2200
Opening Hours10:30am - 6pm
NotesNeed a car to get here!
Japanese speaker needed
Location〒069-1181 Hokkaido Prefecture, Chitose, Higashioka, 920

This BBQ spot is a little hidden paradise for BBQ lovers, and if you have access to a car, its a must! Think of This is an old school place that has its own unique layout that has been around for long time! The set up is simple, 2 long pits down the middle of the room heated with embers. Surrounding these is seating enough for up to 80 people. Its a great spot for small groups. The restaurant is family owned and their English ability is low, and as the menu is ALL in Japanese. The restaurant can get busy during peak times so the staff don’t have time to translate the menu so its strongly advised to have some Japanese ability!

East Chitose BBQ

BBQ goodness

The main item on the menu is chicken, in large cuts. Side dishes of cabbage, rice and pickled vegetables are also available. After ordering your chicken the waitress will place it on a grate over the fire and season it to perfection. The rest is up to you! Cook your piece as it roasts in its own juices, delicious. Though be warned, it does get smokey and your clothes will smell of BBQ after and it can get hot from the embers but its all worth it! And while your eating to your hearts content, you can wash it all down with a bottle of beer that are available in the fridge. They have tea, and water for non drinkers, or for the designated driver.

Outside, there is a small lake so its a nice spot to walk around and stretch your legs after filling up on BBQ’d chicken, beer and vegetables. This place has a really great atmosphere, from the sooted rafter down to the heated pits running the length of the building.There’s something very satisfying about getting back to basics and sharing a meal around a fire like in the old days. Highly recommended!

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