Japanese Gardens & Hasso-an (Tea House)

Tea House Nakajima Park Hasso-an
Opening Hours8am - 6pm
NotesCan walk around but can't enter the actual teahouse
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Getting There
〒064-0931 Hokkaidō, Sapporo-shi, Chūō-ku, Nakajimakōen, 1

Tea House Nakajima Park Hasso-an (“eight-window tea house”) is a tea house said to have been designed by the tea master Enshu Kobori (1579-1647) and originally built in Shiga Prefecture. In 1919 Hasso-an was moved to Sapporo where it is located in Nakajima Park. Surrounding Hasso-an there is a small garden which was created in 1989 by Sokei Kobori, a tea master and a 12th generation descendant of Enshu Kobori.

Japanese Gardens Nakajima Park

Japanese Gardens

The teahouse is located in the Japanese gardens which were opened in 1963. The garden has a small pond inside and has a collection of stone lanterns modeled on famous originals from around Japan. This is a very relaxing spot to wander around in, particularly in Autumn, where you can see the changing leaves. The gardens are closed in the winter.

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