Sapporo Cinema Frontier

Ticket prices¥1,100 - Seniors
¥1,800 - General
¥1,500 - Students
¥1,000 - Under 15

3D shows are an extra ¥300
Special prices¥1,100 - First day of month
¥1,100 - Men's day every Wednesday
¥1,100 - Lady's day every Thursday
¥1,300 - Late show / Morning show
Opening HoursMorning shows from 9:30
Late shows from 21:00
NotesCredit cards accepted
字幕 - Japanese subtitles
吹替 - Dubbed in Japanese
Wheelchair seating
Reservations available
Location /
Getting There
JR Tower Stellar Place 7F North 5 - West 2 - chome Chuo - ku, Sapporo

7th floor above Sapporo station

Cinema Frontier foyer

There are two main movie theaters in Sapporo, one being at Stellar place (Sapporo station), the other being at Sapporo Factory. The movie theater at Sapporo station is ‘Sapporo Cinema Frontier’. Sapporo Cinema Frontier has 12 screens, with sizes ranging from 92 seats to 541 seats. 3 of the screens are in 3D, with 3D lightweight glasses available for a cost of ¥100 or ¥300 for clip on types (these glasses can be taken home and used again). As a note, Japan is usually the last country for movies to come out, so the latest movies are usually 2 or 3 months behind.

Choose your movie

Buying tickets is very simple. There are 2 options, one is at the front desk in the large foyer, with the friendly staff who mostly have some English ability. The other is to use one of the computer screens to buy your ticket yourself. The computers are in English and Japanese. Simply select ‘purchase ticket’ and then choose your movie (movie titles are in Japanese with only a couple with English translations), then choose the time and select your seats. Once these steps are complete, you can easily pay and get your printed tickets. Note, once admitted, tickets can not be canceled, changed or refunded for whatever reason. It’s always advisable to double check to see if the movie has Japanese subtitles or is dubbed in Japanese. Exchanging tickets before hand and cancelling advanced tickets is possible.

Sapporo Cinema Frontier has a snack shop that has the typical movie fare, though in Japan, you have the option of ordering a beer. There are different kinds of popcorn you can order as well. Alongside the snack shop, there is a goods store where you can buy merchandise to your favorite films. Sapporo Cinema Frontier is easy to find, it’s on the 7th floor of Stellar Place. So, once inside, sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy your movie time!

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