Space 1-15

Opening HoursBusiness days and hours differ depending on each store.
ClosedBusiness days and hours differ depending on each store.
NotesNo parking
Location 〒060-0061 Chuo Ward, Chateau le Reve, Minami 1-jo Nishi 15-chome 1-139, Sapporo

Space 1-15 was originally a residential building called, “Château le Rêve” (Castle of Dreams). A soap dealer decided to open one shop in one of the rooms. Since that simple beginning, Space 1-15 has blossomed into unique building in which every room has become a small shop, run by store owners and artisans. Space 1-15 features around 20 shops from the second to the fifth floor, including cafés, clothing shops, sundries, art books, used records, and artisans’ workshops. A little oasis for art and design lovers alike!

To get into the building you will need to be buzzed in. Simply choose one of the many shop intercom buttons and they will happily let you in. Once inside, there is an elevator or steps to access the shops. The beauty of Space 1-15, is that each shop has been refurbished from the same size apartment, so its interesting to go from room to room and see each style and design. Space 1-15 also organizes seasonal events such as morning markets and summer festivals.

2nd floor
201 Anorakcity Störe – art & craft store
202 Miel – tea & sweets store
203 Shigeru Moon – handmade accessories, art & craft store
205 Mano – handmade pottery store
207 Yurarika – bag & accessories store

3rd floor
305 Losika – florist
306 Ten to Sen – fabric & design
307 Rental Space
4th floor
401 Kitchen Toroika – restaurant
402 Snowblossoms – design & jewelery
403 Japanese sweets classroom
405 Brother Sun Sister Moon – craft & toys
406 F1/6 – clothing shop
407 Litart – art & books

5th floor
502 Adonai Cheese – cheese & coffee
506 Allô? – photography workshop

8th floor
801 Provi – metal jewelry making
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