Studio Shirakansu

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥300 ~ ¥400 per hour
(depending on membership status
& equipment rental)
Opening HoursOpen everyday, year round 10AM ~ 6AM
Location /
Getting There
Sapporo, Central Ward, South 3 West 3, Dai Ni Tamura Building, B1

It’s a well-known fact that musicians travel, as they are travelers by heart. They may be called to the road to perform in the next town over, or at a gig clear across the country. And when their momentum really gets going, they hit the international scene. Sapporo is no stranger to hosting a wide spectrum of talent, from globetrotting buskers to world-renowned superstars. It’s also a city brimming with local talent with new bands sprouting up every year. As with any craft, being a musician requires a constant sharpening of ones skills. Even musicians on vacation get a hankering to practice their chops. If in the northern capital they should look no further than SHIRAKANSU, a first class music studio located in the heart of downtown Sapporo.

Named after the coelacanth, a prehistoric fish that has evaded extinction for 65 million years, SHIRAKANSU is the newest generation of practice studios in Sapporo. Opened in 2015, it quickly established itself as the most accessible and well equipped of the downtown studios. While there are several other studios nearby, SHIRAKANSU is the easily the best. It boasts 12 practice rooms that accommodate anywhere from 3 – 15 people. Each room is fully equipped with gear any musician worth their salt would expect to find. Plug into to Yamaha EMX212 preamps, Hartke and Marshall stack amps, and EV PA systems. Drummers will be pleased to find well tuned DW, Tama, Pearl and Yamaha drum kits, pedals and cymbal stands and Paiste and Zildjian cymbals.

Far removed from the bring-your-own-gear ethos of the past, any folk or rock musician can show up empty-handed and still enjoy having a jam here. SHIRAKANSU offers a range of rental guitars, snare drums, microphones, and keyboards for a few dollars more. Drumsticks, headphones, guitar and bass lead cables – literally everything necessary to rock out is available to customers.

Open everyday for the better part of 24 hours, SHIRAKANSU has become the busiest studio in downtown Sapporo. And at ¥400/ hour for nonmembers and ¥300/ hour for members it’s a cheap way to have fun in the city. If you’re a musician spending a few days in Sapporo, call ahead or swing by to reserve a room for an hour or two. Just make sure to do it a day or two in advance. The staff is knowledgeable, energetic and able to overcome most communication gaps with a little patience. Remember that any trip is enhanced by some music. That’s a fact.

Click here for more pictures of SHIRAKANSU and a map.

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