Garaku Soup Curry

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
1100 – 1500 yen
Opening HoursLunch 11:30 – 15:30
Dinner 17:30 – 23:30
(last order 23:00)
NotesThis soup curry is amazingly popular.
Peek times may require up to 1 hour wait to be seated.
Location /
Getting There
South 3 West 2

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Hokkaido is famous for its food, especially its seafood and ramen (Chinese noodles) AND its soup curries which originated in Hokkaido. Soup curry, as the name mentions, is a delicious bowl of a spicy soupy broth with a mix of vegetables and a selection of either chicken, pork, or vegetables. It also comes with a side dish of steamy rich. Soup curry is popular in Hokkaido and though many have their own favourite soup curry restaurant everyone can agree there is nothing like a good soup curry, especially on a chilly winter evening.

English menu

GARAKU Soup Curry is one of many soup curries around Sapporo and is located, conveniently, in the middle of Sapporo. The delicious soup curry aroma hits you as soon as you assail the narrow stairs that leads down to GARAKU. It offers the standard, chicken, pork, mushroom, vegetable, and cheese with bacon and tomato dishes. GARAKU can claim to offer the highest spice levels in Sapporo which ranges from 1 – 5 for the normal diner, 6 – 19 for those who like the heat, and 20 – 40 for those who enjoy the pain! There is a menu in English but the spice level only goes up to 5 on this so be aware that you CAN order up to 40 if so desired. Also offered on the menu is a selection of spirits, beer and lassis, plus fried chicken. At the register, soup curry sets are available for around 500 yen a box, so its possible to take the experience home!

Fried chicken side dish

The head chef at GARAKU is well renowned for his culinary skills and this is a popular place so be warned, be prepared to wait!! The restaurant is not a huge place and seats up to around 50. Depending on the times and days, around 6pm you can expect to find a table almost straight away. Around 7pm however, especially on the weekends, don’t be surprised to see a line of people flowing out and up the stairwell. The wait can be from anywhere from 30 minutes to 50 minutes but if you don’t mind the wait, the fine feast at the end is well worth it!

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