Ebri Shopping Mall

Opening Hours10:00 - 22:00
ClosedNew Years Holiday
Getting there8 minute walk from Nopporo station

〒069-0821 Hokkaido Prefecture, Ebetsu, 東野幌町3−3
ShopsEbri Vegetable Market
Gresham -Ebetsu - Tosa Grocery Store
Il Mattone Arlese Italian Restaurant
Nopporo Coffee
Brick Hut Sweet Potatoes

Ebetsu Ebri Shopping Mall The stylish Ebri Shopping Mall was opened in March 2016 and was reconstructed from an old brick factory. This small one floor building has a lot of character with its red brick, wrought iron and wooden veneer and reflects on the town of Ebetsu, which is famous for its brick making industry. The brick building is made entirely from 100% Ebetsu brick and contains a supermarket, a coffee and sweets shop, a local grocery and a delicious wood fire Italian restaurant. A lot of local produce from the surrounding areas are sold here!

Ebetsu Ebri Shopping Mall

Sweet potatoes

There are about a dozen shops in the building. There are some clothing stores but the main focus is on the local food grown in local areas. The supermarket there is a great place to buy some local fare. The space is very open and customers can walk around and poke their noses into the various kitchens of the sweet potato shop, coffee shop, and the Italian restaurant. At the coffee shop try the rich, delicious ‘Nopporo Coffee’ blend and purchase some packets to take home! There is also a roasted sweet potato shop as well, the “Brick Hut”. These fragrant potatoes are baked in a stone kiln made from materials sent from Italy & France. The kiln was created by a master craftsman and it brings out the unique flavors. French fries, sweet potatoes, and roast potatoes are on the menu. This shop is open until 19:00.

Ebetsu Ebri Shopping Mall Italian Restuarant

Lemon & Seafood Pasta

Ebri Shopping Mall is a 10 minute drive from Nopporo Forest Park. If you are hungry after seeing the sites of the Centennial Memorial Tower, or the Hokkaido historical Museum then there is a nice little Italian restaurant here, at Ebri Shopping Mall. Arles Il Mattone Italian Restaurant has a wooden kiln and makes its dishes from Ebetsu ingredients. There is lunch set meal (from 11:00 – 14:00) and a dinner set meal (17:00 – 20:30). The meals, come with a buffet style appetizer and cost around ¥1200. The all you can eat appetizer has a delicious selection of vegetables, olives, pastas, and meats. The main meals are made up of pastas, and wood fired pizzas. For dessert, there is also a large selection of all you can eat buffet style cakes and puddings. Arles has a great selection of local and foreign wines too! The phone number for Arles is 011-398-7708.