Izakaya Hanayagi



Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
2000 Yen
Opening HoursOpen 7 days a week:
Monday – Thursday: 5:30pm – 1am (Food and Drink last order: 12:30am)
Friday, Saturday, Days preceding a holiday: 5:30pm – 2am (Food and Drink last order: 2am)
Sunday: 5:30 – midnight (Food and Drink L.O. 11:30pm)
月-木、祝日: 17:30-翌1:00
(料理L.O. 翌0:30 ドリンクL.O. 翌0:30)
金、土、祝前日: 17:30-翌2:30 (料理L.O. 翌2:00 ドリンクL.O. 翌2:00)
日: 17:30-翌0:00 (料理L.O. 23:30 ドリンクL.O. 23:30)
ClosedDecember 31 – January 3
Notes¥300 charge for otooshi (お通し), a small dish of food / seating charge
Capacity: 50
Location /
Getting There
Sapporo, Chuo-ku,
South 6 Jyo, West 3 Choume
Daiichi Susukino Building 3rd floor.


Japan is an expensive country. But like all expensive countries, there are opportunities to enjoy the local fare on the cheap. One such chance to fill your belly is by having a meal at HANAYAGI, a small izakaya (traditional Japanese restaurant) located in the southeastern corner of Susukino.


Proudly serving Yebisu beer!

HANAYAGI has everything you’d expect a bare bones izakaya to have: something from the pickle jar, the deep fryer, the grill, the fish cooler and the fry pan. And a really, really cheap all-you-can-drink menu (nomihoudai/ 飲み放題). Enter through a corner door and you’ll be greeted by the chef busy doing what he does best. Shed your shoes and choose from one of the low tables situated on the hardwood floors.


Besides the chef, HANAYAGI only employs one other staff, so get your order in quickly. By 8pm the restaurant fills for a frenetic few hours with hungry 20 somethings. The drink menu is pretty standard: Yebisu beer on tap, bottled Heartland and a handful of premixed cocktails. As for food, consider your eating needs covered. With a wide variety of items listed on both the menu and on the walls, you’re guaranteed to find something to satisfy your hunger…providing you can read Japanese!


Just ask, and the staff will do their best to accommodate your illiteracy.

HANAYAGI is perfect for a busy night. You can be in and out in an hour, satisfied with a belly full of great local cooking. Or if you’re agenda is on the boozy end of the spectrum, consider this your best deal to prime the motor cheaply (think 2 hours of all the beer you can drink for under $10…). For the price, this place has it all: good food, good vibes and good value all in one place. Just remember to give your compliments to the chef directly – he’s a salt of the earth Sapporite, happy to serve the people.


Local youngsters readying for a big night out.



Grilled chicken breast with sinus-melting wasabi.


Fried oysters and mayonaise – heart attacks never tasted so good!


Grab a seat at the counter if the tables are taken.


は – HA, な – NA, や – YA, ぎ – GI = HANAYAGI in Japanese:

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