United Cinemas

United Cinemas IMAX

Huge 3D or 2D movies

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
Around 2,000 yen
Opening Hours9:00 – 23:00
+81 570-783-011
NotesForeign Language Ability:
LocationNorth 1 East 4.
Sapporo Factory, 2nd floor
Japan, 〒060-0031 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, 中央区北1条東4-1-1 サッポロファクトリー 一条館2F

There are 2 major cinemas in Sapporo. United Cinemas and Cinema Frontier. United Cinemas contains 11 screens and is also home to the only IMAX screen in Hokkaido. United cinemas also has 4D for that extra movie experience. The IMAX screen is a whopping 16 by 22 metres and seats up to 450 people. The movies here can also be seen in 3D. 4D opened up in 2016 and can be viewed in screen 1. When buying the ticket, they will have a list of the movies so you can just point and choose. Seating also needs to be selected.

Important! When selecting your movie from the displayed movie list, there will be a small kanji (symbol) next to the title. This kanji will be telling you whether the movie is in English or if its dubbed in Japanese.

字 or 字幕 – this means subtitles (which means the film will be in ENGLISH or its original language and there will be Japanese subtitles).

吹 – this means dubbed over (which means the film will be in dubbed over in JAPANESE)

Souvenirs from the current movies can be bought at a small shop. And like most cinemas around the world, food is sold at the snack shop. 3 kinds of popcorn, hotdogs and other fare you would you expect. In terms of refreshments, you are able to buy beer at the cinemas in Japan, as well as soft drinks.

Japan is usually the last country to release Hollywood blockbusters and is usually 6 months behind most countries. So if you have missed the movie you wanted to see back home you can always catch it down the track in Japan. So, sit back, have a snack and enjoy the movie.

IMAX theatre Sapporo

Thumping IMAX sound


IMAX theatre in Sapporo

Easy to see the screen



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