Shimamui Coast (Shakotan)

AdmissionFree parking & open all year
NotesGreat views of the coast
Sea urchin (uni) restaurant
Ice cream shop
Souvenir shop
Restrooms available
Location /
Getting There
Located on Shakotan coast
Irikacho, Shakotan, Shakotan District, Hokkaido Prefecture 046-0327

2 hour drive from Sapporo

Shakotan Shimamui Coast

Lovely coastline

Shimamui coast is part of the Shakotan Cape which is on the western coast of Hokkaido. It is located next to Cape Shakotan and is famous for its coastline, and its crystal clear waters. There is a lookout at about 100m above sea level, offering stunning views from the cliffs down onto the water. The lookout is only a 5 minute walk from the car park so its easy to get to! There is a narrow tunnel that leads to the viewing point. There is also one more lookout which is slightly higher and offers similar views.

Shakotan Shimamui Coast

Beautiful clear water

To get down to the water there is a small path that winds its way down to the rocky shoreline. Be aware, this track can get muddy at times. The rocky shore line is surrounded by craggy peaks, that feel primordial. The contrast of these rocks with the water, also known as ‘Shakotan Blue’ is a real feature and a great photo opportunity. The Shimamui Coast was included in the “top 100 coastlines in Japan”. If you fancy a bit of snorkeling in these calm waters you will see thousands of sea urchin, islands and valleys of rock crowned in seaweed, a few fish and you will have stunning views to the bottom! The water is chilly (depending where you come from) so its best in the summer months.

Shakotan Shimamui Coast

Sunset over Shimamui coast

There may be an opportunity to see seals on the coasts during the winter but you need a pair of long boots or mountain-climbing boots to navigate the snow-covered path to the coasts. After taking in the views, there is a restaurant and souvenir shop named “Rinko” that serves primarily sea urchin in varying dishes. They also have ice cream cones which is perfect in the summer! There is also a separate restroom located next to the parking lot. To make a real day of it, you can head around to Cape Shakotan, Cape Kamui, and Cape Ogon which all have fantastic views and are all near each other!