Arucamo Cafe

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥1000 - ¥2000
Opening Hours10:00 - 20:00
050-5593-8277 for reservations
NotesSeating 60
Smoking establishment
Cakes, sweets & food
Credit card accepted
No parking
Location /
Getting There
Hokkaido Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku South Ichi-nishi 2-18 Ikeuchi GATE 2F

2 minute walk from Odori station

Caramel coffee

Caramel coffee

Sold as a “girls relaxing space” Arucamo Cafe is an elegant and fancy space, which sells not only coffee, but has cakes, and in its large dining area, jewelry and adornments are for sale. This coffee shop has a lot of space and there are large tables for big groups. Arucamo Cafe has a good selection of coffees & aromatic teas. They also have large 24cm cakes with which to choose from. The cakes are made with seasonal fruits and go well with any tea or coffee (especially on a cold winters day).

Jewelry for sale

On the healthier side of things, Arucamo Cafe have vegetarian dishes on the menu as well as pastas and delicious sandwiches. While you are waiting for your order, feel free to wander around and take a look at the jewelry for sale. If anything picks your fancy, then inform the friendly staff. Arucamo Cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the Ikeuchi Department store. It has large windows with pleasant views overlooking the street . It’s also a good location to enjoy a coffee and get views of the  Yosakoi Soran Festival if you are in the area at that time.

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