Fabulous Cafe

Fabulous Sapporo
Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥1000- ¥1500
Opening Hours8am - 8pm

NotesWifi Available
No smoking
Space available to rent for functions
Location〒060-0051 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Chuo Ward, Minami 1 Johigashi, 2 Chome−3−1 NKCビル1F

2 minute walk from Bus Centre Mae subway station

Fabulous Sapporo Fabulous Cafe is an arty coffee shop that serves not only as a cafe, but as a clothing boutique, a plant shop, and as a small art gallery. It can also be hired for functions and events. The cafe seats up to about 40 people and is best for couples or up to 4 people. The place has a very 1920’s art deco feel to it. It definitely has a lot of style and its interior design is exceptionally done. It is decked out with art, bronze sculptures, leather couches and plants.

The cafe serves up a delicious menu of pastas,beef dishes, Fabulous Sapporochicken,galletes, and desserts. This mouth watering selection will please any guest. The galletes look particularly good! Fabulous also has its own special coffee blend and has a big selection of coffees, teas, and drinks. On entering, there is a large, unique drip coffee apparatus which is a centre piece for the shop. This coffee shop has a seasonal menu and from 11am – 3pm it has a special lunch time menu that comes with a coffee or beverage of your choice for an extra ¥300.

Fabulous SapporoWhat sets this cafe apart from the rest is that half of the shop is a clothing boutique. Fabulous has its own range of clothing, and jewelry. The designs in the jewelry are beautifully crafted and worth a look. Plants, cacti, and sculptures are all on sale and its not a bad idea to peruse while waiting for your lunch or coffee. You might find a hidden something that’s a must have! If clothing, trinkets, or plants aren’t your thing thing, then there is a small gallery of paintings, prints, and images that you can also purchase! Every month on the walls there is an exhibition by local artists. There is definitely a lot to see than just the coffee at Fabulous Cafe!

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