Freshness Burger

Pricing Guide
(Avg. cost per person)
¥500 - ¥1000
Opening Hours10:00 - 22:00
*8:00 - 20:30 Chitose branch
Contact011-522-8806 Sapporo Factory
011-643-3727 Sapporo 28 chome
011-709-3388 Sapporo North 33
0123-21-8666 Chitose
NotesEnglish menu available
Wifi available
Location /
Getting There
4 locations in Hokkaido

Freshness Burger burgers

Selection of burgers

Freshness Burger is a nation wide chain of burger restaurants that were first opened in 1992. There are 3 stores in the Sapporo area, and there is 1 in Chitose. The stores in Hokkaido use local ingredients, and the hamburger patties are an original recipe. Take your selection from the Japanese or English menu of burgers, such as the classic cheese burger, avocado burger, egg & bacon burger, chicken burger, or the bacon & omelette burger! The set menus come with a side order and a drink of your choosing.

Freshness Burger Spice world

Spice world rack

Freshness burger side orders include Hokkaido french fries, onion rings, chicken nuggets, and fried chicken, plus hot dogs as well. There is a morning set menu which includes Freshness Burgers original blend of Brazilian coffee. There are extra toppings for your burger, and there is also the ‘Spice World’ counter. The spice rack is made up of spices and sauces from all around the world to give your burger some extra zest. As well as the 3 stores in Sapporo there is one in Chitose, this can be located at the New Chitose Airport.
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